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Crowdsourcing Gone Awry

Posted by mattray on May 23, 2009

I figured I needed to capture this before it gets removed, but the IMDB Parental Guide to Mary Poppins is a classic.

A few of my favorite bits:

an extremely violent movie involving a witch sent from hell and many grizzely murders

A little boy is chased around a room then a wagon rolling by itself flies at him and he is swept from his feet and brought into the closet. Mary Poppins is waiting in the closet then molests him numeros times (clearly seen on camera) then slowly slices his head open and eats his brain.

A little girl is chased down hall sucked up a fireplace then beheaded Mary Popins puts her head in a bag then flies off with her umbrella

Several elderly women are sucked into hell and fly into the air and smash into things while flying so fast. The scene is very bloody and violent.

A man is sucked up a fireplace then droped down the chimeny while the fire is still on below (you can clearly see his skin pealing and bleeding as he burns to death)

Another man is split in half by dark magic (guts and gore are visible during the scene)

A woman gets her hair violently pulled out then mary poppins takes her eyes out and eats them. The women is thrown off a building later after much suffering and torchure.

Mary Poppins cheats in a horse race by killing off the competitors.

Mary Poppins uses a kite to strangle then hang a young boy near the end of the movie.

It ends as a decapitated bird head starts talking to mary and she moves on to the next town.

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