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Chef 13 on the BeagleBone Black UPDATED X2

Posted by mattray on May 12, 2017

Now that the Chef client 13 is available, I decided to upgrade my ARM build to the latest release. ARM is still not officially supported, but building was fairly straightforward. I had Chef 12.17.1 on the box already, but I needed to upgrade the build tooling first.

Ruby 2.4.1

Chef 13 is now using Ruby 2.4.1 in their build pipeline, so the first step was to build the latest. I already had an omnibus user and rbenv installed, so it was pretty simple:

  sudo su - omnibus
  export PATH="$HOME/.rbenv/bin:$PATH"
  eval "$(rbenv init -)"
  rbenv install 2.4.1
  rbenv global 2.4.1
  gem install bundler


Once Ruby 2.4.1 was installed, I decided to upgrade the omnibus-toolchain to the current release. I had to make a small patch (upstreamed), and build the latest:

  git clone
  cd omnibus-toolchain
  bundle install --without development
  bundle exec omnibus build omnibus-toolchain

Chef 13.1.12

Now I could finally get to installing Chef 13.1.12.

  export PATH="$HOME/.rbenv/bin:/opt/omnibus-toolchain/bin:$PATH"
  cd chef-13.1.12/omnibus/
  bundle install --without development
  bundle exec omnibus build chef -l debug

About 2 hours later I had my ARM Chef client .deb built. As the root user I installed it and ran it.

  root@beaglebone:/home/omnibus/chef-13.1.12/omnibus/pkg# dpkg -i chef_13.1.12+20170511092809-1_armhf.deb
  (Reading database ... 88226 files and directories currently installed.)
  Preparing to unpack chef_13.1.12+20170511092809-1_armhf.deb ...
  Unpacking chef (13.1.12+20170511092809-1) over (12.17.1+20161110041345-1) ...
  Setting up chef (13.1.12+20170511092809-1) ...
  Thank you for installing Chef!


With the “official” release of Chef 13, I’ve updated the build and produced the Chef 13.1.31 build on ARM. Feel free to download the Chef 13.1.31 ARM client for the BeagleBone Black here: chef_13.1.31%2B20170605012947-1_armhf.deb


Chef 13.2.20 is the newest stable build, download it here: chef_13.2.20%2B20170712062554-1_armhf.deb



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