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Labyrinthitis, or How I Completely Wasted the Last Week of my Life

Posted by mattray on July 25, 2013

Last week I had this misfortune of falling ill with Labyrinithitis, expressed as acute vertigo. If you’ve never had vertigo, consider yourself lucky. It’s the dizzy motion sickness you get after too much spinning around, or possibly if you’ve had too much to drink and you’re trying to fall asleep. You can’t stand still or walk straight and the room spins even as you lie perfectly still, for hours on end. In my case it lasted nearly 5 days. You can’t read, you can’t watch TV, you mostly lie perfectly still for hours on end because you can’t walk without falling over. I listened to podcasts and slept, it was painfully boring.

If you find yourself with vertigo for more than a day, get yourself to a doctor ASAP. I fell ill Sunday afternoon and didn’t go until Wednesday afternoon. I’m not exactly sure what triggered it, most likely a low grade sinus infection. A dose of steroids and antibiotics and by Friday I was slowly catching up on work. By Monday I had no lingering effects.

While it really, really sucked and was one of my least enjoyable weeks of my life, I have to thank my wife for taking care of me. The words of encouragement from friends and family really helped, thanks everyone.

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