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New Frontiers (for me) in Ruby

Posted by mattray on December 7, 2010

As part of my new job I’m picking up Ruby 3 years after the last time I used it. Not surprisingly, it’s really nice now. I wanted to start a reminder blog post of all the useful tools I’ve installed on the way:

  • RVM: manages multiple installed versions of Ruby. My PS1 is automatically configured now to show the output of rvm-prompt with the use of a after-use hook.
  • Git-Up: automatically fast-forwards a git rebase.
  • gem-open: opens up the Gem’s source in your $EDITOR (which should be emacs).
  • gem-man: opens man pages for Ruby gems.
  • rvm.el: RVM integration for Emacs.

I also recently put my .emacs and .bash_profile into my GitHub account, to track changes as I make them. Feel free to send me any other suggestions or pointers, I’m always happy to learn more.

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