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Potential OpenStack Compute Demo Box

Posted by mattray on November 17, 2010

I was fortunate enough to be at the OpenStack Design Summit last week in San Antonio, TX and one of the ideas that came up that I found really intriguing was the concept of a single-box easy install for OpenStack Compute (maybe Object Storage could fit on the same machine, not sure yet). To help facilitate this, we started up an OpenStack-Chef mailing list where we’ll be discussing automating installation of OpenStack Compute as well as deploying to a running Compute instance.

Hopefully we’ll free up some time to work on it soon, but while I was there I started putting together some rough specs for a machine we could use for testing and eventually using with Chef training to replace using EC2. We figured we needed enough horsepower to run 20 or so instances on the server, and shoot for around $1000 on the price. Here’s what I found on NewEgg.

So really it comes down to about $730 plus whatever storage option you go with. SSD is still expensive but might be worthwhile, but $165 for 1.1TB RAID5 isn’t too shabby and might make running Object Storage a potential option. Prices keep dropping of course, so this is probably close to being out of date already.

2 Responses to “Potential OpenStack Compute Demo Box”

  1. Thomas Walter said

    Is this OpenStack-Chef mailing list active? I tried to access it but got a 404.

    Thanks a lot!

    • mattray said

      They decided to consolidate the OpenStack mailing lists a bit and wait for more demand for lots of different mailing lists. There will be some OpenStack/Chef work coming up real soon, so this will probably get picked up in the OpenStack Operators list.

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