The Shining Path of Least Resistance


Interviews from Hell, Part 2.

Posted by mattray on March 24, 2008

Back to John’s interview. Despite his run-in with Dave, the interview continued on to the VP of Engineering. After a few perfunctory questions, he hands John a list of acronyms.

VP: Can you define each of these?
John: Yes.
VP: It's important that you know these.
John: ummm... OK.

John quickly rattles of acronyms like “XML” and “SQL”.

VP: Very good.
The interview continues on to some more of the business-side stuff.

VP: So one of the things we do here validation of leads for our CRM app. If a customer doesn't know exactly who has purchasing authority, our call center in Manila will call in and pretend to be running a technology survey and try to get a hold of the person in the lead app.
John: (thinking this sounds sleazy) ...I guess that makes sense.
VP: It sure does, we used to have a center in India, but those guys were getting expensive.
John: What about quality control?
VP: That's the beauty of it. We have another call center here in town to cross-check some of the leads. I've got one guy who calls up the companies and tells them he's a student researching technology here in town. People are always more sympathetic to college students, and for all I know, he really could be a student.
John: Right...

After the interview, John is pretty creeped out on the company and know they have hired at least 1 crazy person. Even though he didn’t enjoy the process, at least he has a few good stories out of it.

Of course they call him back a few days later and make an offer.


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